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Play with shapes, textures and colors!



​​ The customized concept

1• I choose my canvas fabric: GET SHADE WITH US has selected quality label canvas fabric for you…

2• I choose my installation system: All kinds of fixtures and fittings. 

Get shade under one or several shade sails, 

it is an original, modern, practical and elegant solution to make the most of your outdoor living area in all weathers!

Installed at all angles

Our shade sails are made-to-measure 
Socotex - Registered model

SOCOTEX exhibited its Abrivoile® #voiledombrerage pergola at The Great Exhibition of Made in France 2021 at the Elysée!

Président de la République sous la pergola Abrivoile
Pergola Abrivoile
Pergola Abrivoile
Pergola Abrivoile
Pergola Abrivoile
Pergola Abrivoile
sail angle plate finish socotex.jpg

STANDARD customized shade sails easy to put up and take down


There are different finishes available for our standard textile production, which have been adapted to the type of canvas fabric. Our manufacturing processes have been optimized to obtain the maximum strength and impeccable refinement.


 ARCHITECTURAL decorative removable customized shade sail


Reinforced textile production that adapts to large sizes.

Socotex furling shelter take shelter with us

Abrivoile retractable shade sail


Roll the shade sails up or out, it is easy and practical!
Our new retractable Abrivoile model rolls up on an anti-twist wire that goes through a centre sleeve running diagonally in the fabric.
The shade sail rolls up using the same kind of mechanism as that of sails on boats.

Un large choix de toiles

Orchestra: The largest and most innovative range of sun protection fabrics designed by Dickson. 

Orchestra Max: The New Generation self-cleaning and waterproof fabric. 

Australia: Strong and high-density UV resistant fabric with an original « coconut » style texture.


Soltis 86: You won’t feel hot and stuffy anymore thanks to its micro-perforated structure. Under a shade sail: the air moves and you can breathe!


Soltis 92: Micro-perforated structure fabric, pre-stressed polyester fibre support, with a vinyl coating. UV and dirt resistant surface.


Précontraint 502
The Précontraint Ferrari technology makes the membranes exceptionally resistant against wear and tear, bad weather conditions and UV radiation.

Australia logo take shelter with us by socotex
serge ferrari logo
Dickson logo

Sunshades for efficient sun protection 

abrivoile ombriere soltis92
abrivoile ombriere soltis92
abrivoile ombriere soltis92

Based on an original idea from the architect’s studio De Boucaud (33), for l’institut Don Bosco building.

Socotex customized canvas fabric in Soltis 92 by Serge Ferrari.

Abrivoile: Creations at the height of your imagination…

Photo ©groupsud
Abrivoile ©groupsud_0308
Abrivoile ©groupsud_0304
Abrivoile ©groupsud_0307

Abrivoile shade sail double curvature in Soltis W96.

Covered surface: Approximately 20 x 6 m or 120 m2.

A project carried out together with the design studio.

Customized textile production for the original © Groupsud project.

All rights reserved

Abrivoile shade sail double curvature in Soltis W96.

Covered surface: Approximately 20 x 6 m or 120 m2.

A project carried out together with the design studio.

Customized textile production for the original © Groupsud project.

All rights reserved

What is the best high-end shade sail?

To define the optimal quality of a shade sail , it is a question of taking into account the one which fully meets the needs of the development project, which presents the best durability and which integrates aesthetically into its environment. If you want to get a positive response to each of these prerogatives, then the high- end Abrivoile® brand shade sail is undoubtedly the best equipment you should choose.

Abrivoile® offers you the creation of your tailor-made shade sails which allows you to select the shape and color of the shade cloth as well as the type of installation via a fixing mast , wall hooks or even a system guying . The best high-end shade sail is the one which is entirely created and designed for your outdoor arrangements and which shows its effectiveness in the long term: qualities offered by Abrivoile® .

Why are shade sails often triangular in shape?

high-end shade sail

For reasons of stability, uniform tension, ease of installation or even aesthetics, the terrace shade sail is generally offered in a triangular shape by many manufacturers and distributors. The shading area of the triangle is often reduced due to its shape, which is why to keep the triangle effect, Socotex with its Abrivoile® range produces two-tone sails. The two-tone shade sails optimize the coverage surface while visually offering 2 triangles of different colors. In certain cases this makes it possible to avoid the superposition of triangles while reducing the cost.

Abrivoile® expertise in the manufacture of a tailor-made and high-quality professional shade sail allows us to offer our customers equipment of different shapes and high-end shade sails tailor-made to meet all types needs, even for shading large spaces.

Optimal coverage of the area to be shaded, wind resistance, openwork or waterproof shade sail, air circulation, general aesthetics, state-of-the-art fixing system adapted to the constraints of the project... Everything is designed to create a space of sun protection to cover a terrace or a quirky outdoor space, whether it is a triangular, rectangular shade sail or even a hexagonal shade cloth .

Pergola or shade sail, what to choose?

A pergola has certain advantages that a shade sail does not offer and this is true in a reciprocal way. So why choose between a pergola and a shade sail? The Abrivoile® brand offers you a 2 in 1 solution with the Abrivoile® pergola which combines the qualities of a high-end shade sail with the designer and contemporary frame of a pergola.

The Abrivoile® pergola combines the best of both solutions. Like an arbor, it offers a turnkey designer outdoor layout, ideal for terraces and gardens. Its stretched canvas protects you from the sun while adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space. Installation flexibility is another major advantage of this equipment: the fixing points are designed to adapt to various configurations in order to integrate harmoniously into any type of environment.

In addition, the choice of colors for our shade sails offers you the possibility of personalizing your Abrivoile® pergola so that it blends perfectly into the landscape of your garden or on your terrace .

Where to find a high-end shade sail installer in France?

Would you like to find out more about our high quality shade cloths , have a custom shade sail made or obtain a quote for the supply and installation of an aesthetic shade corner in your garden? Abrivoile® , a shade sail brand made to measure in France by SOCOTEX, has created partnerships with numerous distributors and qualified installers spread across the entire French territory.

To choose the type of high-end shade sail suited to your needs, whether it is a rectangular or triangular shape and whatever the constraints of your project, the richness of our ranges and solutions will meet your needs. your expectations. With the appropriate fixing accessories, our partner installers located throughout France will guide you through the selection and installation process and will ensure perfect integration of our shade sails or pergolas into your outdoor space .

For greater convenience, get a free quote by filling out the form on our contact page and let yourself be supported in the creation of a unique, tailor-made outdoor space by a distributor or installer of custom shade sails near you. .

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