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Finishes adapted to each type of textile production.

Socotex - Registered design made in France

The finishes of our shade sails are adapted to the format, the type of canvas fabric and the installation system.


The different stages of the corner finishes

custom shade sail finish
shade sail attachment

STANDARD customized shade sail, it’s easy to put up and take down.

Example and details of the textile production for the shade sails in Orchestra and Orchestra Max.


The shade sails are made using HEAT SEALING with high strength POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE, which is UV and moisture resistant.

This high technology is used to obtain perfect watertightness and a much more elegant assembly.


​• Triple hem reinforced by an extremely strong polypropylene webbing (30 mm) all around the perimeter of the shade sail. The stitching thread used for hems is high quality and high resistance. This quality thread expands and fills the hole made by the needle, which guarantees efficient watertightness in the seams.


• The perimeter webbing is double folded at each corner (or 4 webbing thicknesses) to reinforce the anchor points. It is held in place thanks to the design of the stainless steel ring that is used to anchor the shade and keep it properly tensioned.


• There is a PVC triangle covered with canvas fabric on each corner for reinforcement.

Example and detail of the textile production for the shade sails in Soltis or Precontraint.


• All our shade sails made in PVC are put together by means of HIGH FREQUENCY WELDING.


This high technology obtains and guarantees the strongest, extremely durable, elegant assembly.


High frequency welding of a minimum width of 30 mm is used for the exterior seams and the finish of the shade sails.

A tear resistance halyard rope Ø 6mm is inserted in a sleeve all the way around the shade sail.

• At each corner there is a stainless steel plate and counter plate. 

high frequency welder


High frequency welding

high technology: high frequency welder, socotex
Australia shade sail made to measure

ARCHITECTURAL decorative removable customized shade sail.


Textile production of shade sails in Australia 

All our shades sails are sewn using Tenara thread: It is a very strong clear polyester thread (it has a better guarantee than that of the canvas fabric).

• A 650 g/m2 PVC triangle covered in canvas fabric is put in each corner for reinforcement.

• The anchor points are fitted with a stainless steel grooved ring. This ring is held in place by a high strength polypropylene double sewn webbing (35 mm).

• There is a wire that goes through a sleeve all around the perimeter of the shade sail, which is sewn on 3 thicknesses.

This wire that is looped by means of 2 wire clips will be tensioned using the grooved rings at each point on the canvas fabric.


Textile production of the shade sails in Soltis, Sunworker or Précontraint.

• All our shade sails in Sunworker or Soltis are put together using high frequency welding.


This high technology obtains and guarantees the best resistance, durability and elegant assembly.

High frequency welding of a minimum width of 48 mm is used for the exterior seams and finish of the shade sails.


The shade sails are made with a sleeve for the perimeter wire. The corners are reinforced with plates and counter plates (plates with soldered rods to put the wire through and M12 threaded tip at each end of the wire), stainless steel bolts and locknuts in each corner.

Why choose to manufacture a custom shade sail?

When it comes to setting up an outdoor space , terrace and garden or another place of relaxation , the choice of suitable sun protection is essential. Among the solutions available, the high-end shade sail that Abrivoile® offers you has many advantages. Unlike standard solutions, our tailor-made shade cloth offers adaptability to different configurations to integrate perfectly with the existing exterior design .

One of the major advantages of our tailor-made shade sails is their ability to effectively protect against the sun's rays. Made from specific materials, our high-end shade cloths offer optimal UV protection to protect you from the sun and bring a unique aesthetic touch to your outdoor settings .

Whether you opt for a custom triangle or rectangle shade sail, you benefit from a designer shade area adapted to the size and shape of your space.

Through a wide range of colors and shapes, each Abrivoile® custom-made canvas can be made to complement and beautify your outdoor spaces . This customization goes beyond simple visual aspects since the creation of a tailor-made shade cloth with eyelets also takes into account the fixing points and the constraints of the installation area in order to ensure perfect integration.

Another notable advantage is their durability. Our high-end custom shade sails are designed with waterproof and resistant materials which guarantee a long lifespan and reduced maintenance for your equipment. Durability which is another advantage of the custom shade sail and which makes it a wise investment for those looking to improve their outdoor space with style and efficiency .

custom shade sail

What shape of shade sail should you choose?

Thereselection of the ideal shape for a shade sail depends largely on theoutdoor space to cover and aesthetic preferences. Thanks toAbrivoile®, your tailor-made shade sail manufacturer, it is possible to obtain shade cloths of various shapes, triangular or rectangularbut also hexagonal, square or random shape. Each cut offers distinct advantages in terms of style, adaptability and functionality.


A sail oftriangular shading, for example, allows you to create a dynamic and modern space, while a rectangular canvas lends itself to creating a larger shaded area. THEhexagonal shade sail shapes bring a unique touch ideal for creative layouts and contemporary designs.


THEcustom shade sails Abrivoile® not only guarantee asunscreen decorative but also optimal wind resistance and air circulation. They allow light to pass through while protecting you from sunburn thanks to anti-UV treatments. By choosing acustom shade sail Abrivoile®, you always benefit from guarantees of resistance, durability and aesthetics.


Whether you opt for a custom-made shade cloth for pergola rather than a rectangular terrace shade among many other design solutions, the choice must be guided by the constraints of the space to be shaded and your personal preferences. Ultimately, ashade sail high-end tailor-made is theideal solution to effectively hang sun protection adapted to each space.

Who is the best custom shade sail manufacturer?

If you are looking for a French manufacturer for your shade cloth who is able to allow you to play with shapes, colors, textures and fixing systems to create outdoor spaces in accordance with the expectations of your project, then you can trust the expertise of the distributors of the Abrivoile® brand and its manufacturer SOCOTEX, expert in textile architecture since 1972 .

In addition to the very high quality of our tailor-made shade sails and the constant attention we pay to the performance of our products, choosing Abrivoile® means calling on a company certified as a Living Heritage Company distinguished for its know-how. artisanal.

You choose excellence for the manufacture of your tailor-made shade sail.

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