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Australia ® shade sail in coconut fiber look

What is an Australia shade sail, often called a coconut shade sail?

Are you looking for a high-end custom-made coconut fiber shade sail to cover the terrace of your establishment or home, a very windy passage or add a designer and trendy touch to your exteriors? Do you know the Australia® canvas, a coconut look shade cloth which has all the advantages of a coconut fiber shade cloth and much more?

An Australia shade sail is a high quality product, inspired by the coconut fiber shade sail , designed to offer optimal sun protection while adding a decorative touch to your exterior. Made from UV and weather resistant materials, our coconut shades are perfect for:

· Create tailor-made shaded areas on terraces, balconies, rooftops, patios or play areas

· Protect from intense sun while allowing fresh air to pass through

· Bring a designer and natural touch to your outdoor space

Australia imitation coconut fiber shade sails are available from our network of partners specializing in outdoor design. To find your nearest distributor-installer: call 02 31 81 61 10 or make a request by email via our form by clicking on this link

What makes Australia shade sails so special?

Australia shade sails manufactured by Socotex are distinguished by their high-end materials and careful manufacturing Made in France : ultra-resistant canvases in recycled fiberglass, Greenguard certified, with anti-UV, anti-mold and anti-mold treatment. -tasks. Our high-end shade sails offer a wide choice of modern and original colors for a trendy look. A creation combining artisanal know-how and high-tech materials for an impeccable finish. Marine stainless steel hooks combining aesthetics and resistance.

What are the advantages of an Australia shade sail?

Our high-end Australia shade cloth is ideal for maximum comfort, resistance and protection for places prone to winds. Its ultra-resistant canvas with a “ coconut canvas ” appearance offers a wide choice of colors and a weight of up to 350g/m2 for all your luxury or high-end equipment. It is a magnificent alternative to other natural fiber shade cloths which offer less resistance to strong winds: custom-made coconut fiber shade sail, coconut fiber cloth for pergola or coconut fiber cloth for Socotex parasol …

  • Excellent protection against the sun (91 to 98% UV filter)

  • Optimal brightness regulation (77 to 96% of filtered light)

  • Micro-ventilated canvas allowing fresh air to pass through even in high winds

  • 10 year warranty against UV

  • Modern and original design for a tailor-made outdoor space

  • Resistance and longevity thanks to high-end materials

How to choose and install my Australia shade sail?

By choosing our Australia model: resistant and high density shade cloth against UV rays with an original “coconut” style texture, you can select a wide range of shapes (squares, rectangles, trapezoids) and options (two-tone, printed digital). Our 3D implementation office for a personalized study is at your service for all high-end and tailor-made projects. Partner shade sail installers, certified throughout France, are at your service and provide assistance in choosing the appropriate fabric and installation system. Maintenance services and annual maintenance contracts are offered by our distribution partners.

Whether for individuals or professionals, the Australia shade sail offers a tailor-made, designer and sustainable solution for the development of your atypical outdoor spaces.

We work with our distributors throughout France. They will be there to listen to you, advise you, offer you installation solutions, the type of construction, the type of custom shade cloth and the most appropriate installation for your project. To find your nearest distributor-installer: call 02 31 81 61 10 or make a request by email via our form by clicking on this link

Our latest achievements with Australia canvas shade sails - EXTRACT FROM THE BLOG

How to use a coconut fiber canvas for pergola?

The coconut fiber canvas for pergola is ideal for bringing shade and style to your outdoor space. The Australia shade sail, custom-made coconut fiber look, adapts perfectly to the shape of your pergola thanks to a 3D design office. Two-tone canvas options to personalize your installation.

Whether you are looking for a coconut canvas for your terrace, your courtyard or any other outdoor living space, choose Australia canvas. This high-end imitation coconut fiber shade sail will provide you with a designer, resistant and durable layout.

Découvrez aussi une nouvelle façon de profiter des beaux jours avec nos parasols AUSTRALIA ®

Avec son aspect toile coco qui allie protection anti-UV et esthétique, votre parasol ne ressemblera à aucun autre !

Une palette de coloris irrésistibles 🎨 

Un tissu qui filtre l'air, permettant ainsi aux parasols de rester ouvert plus longtemps en cas de vent 🌬 


N’hésitez plus, l’Australia® est une marque SOCOTEX 🇲🇫

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