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Choose your canvas fabric for your shade sail. 

I choose my canvas fabric: its texture and its colour.

A large choice of canvas fabric, each one has special features, sun protection, full canvas or micro-perforated structure canvas … 

voile abritez vous chez nous
by Get shade with us

This high density canvas fabric is extremely strong and UV resistant, so it is perfect to make sail shades with.

11 trendy and decorative colours

Grammage of the canvas fabric: 350 g/m2

sortis voile Serge Ferrari
Soltis 86, Soltis 96 or Soltis 92
by Serge Ferrari

The air moves, you breathe!

Thanks to their micro-perforated structure, no more stuffiness under a sunshade.

logo serge ferrari
Australia logo abritez vous chez nous by socotex
précontraint 02 de Serge Ferrari
Précontraint 502
by Serge Ferrari

The Précontraint Ferrari technology makes the membranes highly resistant to wear and tear, UV and harsh weather conditions.

Colours: a wide range of colours

Grammage of the canvas fabric: 590 g/m2

logo serge ferrari
Orchestra et Dickson orchestra
by Dickson

The largest most innovative range of sun protection canvas fabric designed by Dickson.

78 trendy, original colours essential for your frame.

Acrylic 300 g/m2

logo Dickson
voile orchestra max de Dickson
Orchestra Max
by Dickson

The new generation sun protection canvas fabric, it is self-cleaning and waterproof.

20 trendy and decorative colours
Grammage de la toile : 320 g/m2

logo Dickson
And any other canvas fabric on request, just ask us.
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