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With Abrivoile®, the shade sail rises to protect you!

Raise shade sails on your balconies and terraces to protect you from the sun

Discover our #abrivoile range, the Socotex registered trademark, a guarantee of expertise and #madeinfrance quality 🇫🇷

🧐 Why choose an Abrivoile ® shade sail? ?

🥇Guaranteed quality: Take advantage of an impeccable fabric offering real UV protection with a sail colour that stands the test of time.

Varied palette : Choose from a wide range of colours and textures to meet all your requirements.

Exceptional durability: Our sails are made using top-quality materials and accessories to guarantee optimum resistance over the years.

Made in France with the @epv label: A perfect marriage between craftsmanship and the latest technology. A guarantee of the excellence of French know-how!

Incomparable aesthetics: Effective protection with an airy, elegant design.

Eco-responsible fabrics with a wide choice of materials and textures: Eco-friendly materials offering unique textures, such as Australia ® fabric with its coconut appearance, or other fabrics (Soltis-type openwork fabric, Véovoile®-type screen fabric, acrylic fabric, etc.) with a variety of textures to suit every need, size, use and installation location, without limiting the choice.

Personalised, unique design: our made-to-measure solutions adapt perfectly to your environment to create a unique style.

Transform your outdoor spaces with Abrivoile ®, our high quality solar protection shade cloths are ideal for protecting you and bringing a little coolness to the hottest hours of the day.Abrivoile takes height to protect you.

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